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ENVY and Weekender Options

Additional options to customize your model build 

Our base models are anything but basic. The ENVY and Weekender are already loaded with standard features like our installed insulation, flooring, and windows and included convenience of our radiant/reflective window covers and portable stove. 


But, we leave room so you can customize your build to fit your lifestyle - we have options to support all sorts of adventures from off-grid living, to hard-core cycling, to the makings of a very popular family movie night.



Our rear-door mounted bike rack holds two bikes up to 80lbs total. The aluminum trays are easily adjustable to accommodate different bike configurations, even XL-sized MTBs. Adaptors are available for fat-bike tires. The rack folds up and out of the way when not in use. Our custom installation includes internal reinforcements and rear-door lock-outs so your access the van's rear doors without accidentally over-swinging the bikes into the side of your van! We also take care to position the rack as not to preclude your brake lights nor rear-view back-up camera.



Our solar-powered ventilation fan provides reversible air flow for up to 48-hours on a full charge from the sun. This upgraded marine-grade fan works in light rain without allowing water to enter the van. When closed, it seals completely. It has an additional LED light, easy to replace rechargeable batteries.



Our new sleek matte hood wrap not only looks amazing, but it provides glare reduction on long late afternoon highway drives. Go west in style and confidence. Made from a 3M high UV-resistant vinyl for long lasting durability.



 Perfect option for clients who plan on parking for a week in the same park or at a friend's or family's yard with access to land power.  This portable Bluetooth lithium battery charger plugs into the rear charging port of your van to bring in up to 15 amps of power into your lithium house battery. Open the app on any smart phone and see real time charging.  

smart charger.jpg


The ENVY poptop can accommodate up to 2, 100W low-profile panels that fit below our cross bars.  Our panels work with the integrated DC to DC charger and MPPT solar controller, and plug into the charging port built into all ENVYs. Our Hybrid panels have all the benefits of the traditional set-it-and-forget-it fixed roof-mounted solar panel, however, ours can be quickly + easily removed. So, you can take it off and store it safely during your work week commute, winter season or anytime you don’t need extra power. (ENVY only)



We love Thule's newest Wingbar Evo crossbar. These sleek cross bars mount and lock to the roof tracks that come standard with your ENVY or Weekender poptop. The low-profile aerodynamic cross bars reduce wind noise, and add just a few inches to our poptop roofline for a total height of 6'5". They feature a universal t-track mounting system for racking anything from kayaks to skyboxes. 



All our awnings have custom black powder coated cases for durability and a sleek clean look. What’s more, the canopy material can be dropped vertically, doubling as a movie screen for portable projectors



 Our custom-designed roll-up, zip close/open Rear-door bug screen is installed and ready for bug-free fresh air. Zip open or close from the inside or outside the van. Our Front Door Window Bug Screens (L + R side) attach magnetically to the inside of the window frame of both front doors. (*Please note the Rear-door screen is available for ENVY models only. We do offer Front Door Window sets for WEEKENDER customers)



This brand-new option allows you to see the exact state of charge of your lithium ion battery system through your smartphone.  It provides important information about your battery including: charging, discharging, state of charge, current voltage, current amp draw, and power. This battery health data is captured in real-time and logged providing historical information. 

This is an especially useful integration that can help you determine real-time usage of power of the various appliances you may run off your inverter.  It will help you know your battery life and when you need to charge your house battery.  


While our touchscreen display provides a general battery level, it measures off voltage which changes based on the amount of power used over time.  We HIGHLY recommend this option to allow for maximum information on your sophisticated battery and charging systems. (ENVY only)



Our 1000W pure sine wave inverter provides off-grid 110-outlet power to small appliances (under 1000W). So bring your electric kettle, and keep up your coffee habit! This option includes a three-prong 110V outlet located near control panel.  (ENVY only)

induction cooking.jpg

ENVY and Weekender Options

Rear Door Mounted Bike Rack


  • Rear door mounted rack allows for full access to the rear of the van

  • Includes internal reinforcements and passenger side rear door lock-out to protect your bikes and the van from accidental over-swinging rear door

  • Rack positioned clear of brake lights and rear view camera unlike some rear and hitch mounted racks

  • Holds 2 bikes, up to 80lbs total

  • Adjustable tray-style racks and securing arms accommodate most bike types

  • Trays can accommodate plus-size MTB tires, and adaptors are available for fat bike tire widths

  • Aluminum construction offers lightweight strength and durability

  • Trays fold-up securely out of the way when not in use

Hard Case Awning


  • Black powder coated aluminum case for durability, with custom light silver “movie screen” canopy for use with portable projectors – shade during the day and movies under the stars

  • Extends 7.4 feet out, 6.5 feet wide, with adjustable heights and angles.

  • Manually operated so no complicated parts to break or lose.

  • Self supported legs which attach to the van.  No staking required and works on all types and levels of ground. 

Thule Wingbar Evo Aero Crossbars


  • 53” wide cross bars (2 per set)

  • Low profile, aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise

  • Installed crossbars roofline height: 6’5”

  • Crossbars installation incudes mounting feet and hardware compatible with our standard roof track system on all poptops

  • New Evo design includes a t-slot for easy universal racking add-ons (kayak racks, skybox, board straps, etc.) and a rubberized anti-slip strip for securing loads

  • Locks provided with all crossbars

Solar Powered Ventilation Fan


  • Whisper quiet, reversible air flow

  • Can operate in light rain, watertight seal when closed

  • Includes an LED light

  • Moves 1,000 cubic feet of air/hour or 24,000 cubic feet of air/day

  • Rechargeable, replaceable battery charges from an integrated solar panel

  • Allows for up to 40 hours of continuous use if no sunlight

  • Easy to remove and replace fan unit

Anti-Glare Hood Wrap


  • Matte black hood wrap provides glare reduction

  • Made from high-quality 3M vinyl can last up to 7 years

  • Let's face it, the hood wrap just makes the NV200 look so much cooler!

Weekender ONLY Front Screen Set


  • Front door window screens for driver + passenger side

  • Strong neodymium magnets secure screens to window frame from the inside

  • Includes carrying case​​


Hybrid/Fixed Solar Panels

100 Watts: $895

200 Watts: $1595

  • Poptop can fit up to 2, 100W low-profile panels for off-grid charging

  • Solar panels work with the integrated DC to DC charger and MPPT solar controller

  • Plugs into ENVY charging port, single and double panels link to one simple plug

  • Panels are designed to sit beneath our optional cross bars and do not interfere with our ventilation fan

  • Panels come installed for set-and-forget-it ease, and can be removed easily to store during your work week commute or winter season.

1000W Pure Sine Inverter


  • Provides off-grid 110V outlet power for small appliances (under 1000W)

  • Includes a three-prong 110V outlet near the control panel for easy access

  • We recommend adding our Bluetooth Smart Battery Monitor for accurate power consumption monitoring

ENVY Bug Screen Set


  • Custom rear door screen fits with ENVY cabinetry

    • Zip to close and seal, zippers are accessible from inside and out

    • Rolls-up securely and out of the way when not in use

  • Front door window screens for driver + passenger side

    • Strong neodymium magnets secure screens to window frame from the inside

    • Includes carrying case

Bluetooth Smart Battery Monitor


  • Provides important information about your battery including:

    • Charging and discharging

    • State of charge

    • Current voltage

    • Current amp draw

    • Power

    • Time remaining at current discharge 

  • Battery health data is captured in real-time and logged providing historical information

  • Helps determine real-time usage of power of the various appliances you may run off your inverter

15 Amp Shore Power Charger


  • Portable 15 Amp lithium battery charger for convenient 110V charging when at an accessible RV park, a home garage, etc.

  • Plugs into ENVY charging port

  • Bluetooth enabled compatible with iOS and Android to monitor real-time charging

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