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Our Iconic ENVY Model

A technologically advanced tribute to the classic VW Camper

The ENVY package is for those who want all the amenities of a large RV packed into a small fuel-efficient platform that fits in your garage. It's an all-in-one daily driver, weekend warrior, urban escape pod and digital nomad's dream.


The ENVY started it all for Recon Campers ™. This camper was originally designed out of a personal necessity, and recognition that we haven’t had an accessible small camper available since the last of the VW campers rolled-off the line in the 80’s and 90’s.


Our ENVY camper is the culmination of over 6 years of design, R&D, real world testing, and direct customer feed back.  Our team lives and breathes camper vans - year after year, we’ve evolved our designs in pursuit of perfection.  

We started with the iconic VW camper van layout and improved everything about it. We love our carefree memories of the 70’s and 80’s, but let's face it, that was a long time ago. Vehicles technology has given us improved fuel efficiency and safety features standard like airbags, electronic stability control, crumple zones, LATCH child safety systems and more. We decided camper van technology from the RV industry was ready for a major "Recon Campers ™" update. 

We’ve evolved our campers designs with advanced technologies that are easy to use. No more complex switchboards of buttons, remnants of old RV controls. Our ENVY features a smart charging Lithium-Ion battery system that powers a compressor-based DC fridge, DC hot water system, and more, all controlled with a simple touchscreen and Bluetooth monitor.  This is just the start, pretty much everything down to custom material lay-ups used in our wall insulation has been considered, improved and optimized for maximum enjoyment.

ENVY Starting from $35,950

*price does not include base vehicle


We completely redesigned every part of our poptop.  The new fiberglass poptop  is manufactured to balance strength and weight with custom resin-infused honeycomb composite technology. The new super low-profile shape has been designed for more clearance and a stealth sleek look.

DR front side 1 nar.jpg


Premium Italian poplar lightweight ply and ultra-durable scratch resistant high-gloss laminate.

Our furniture is designed with maximum storage space, and functionality. All electronics and water systems occupy the unusable space keeping our designs clean, and systems worry-free.  We have no exposed plumbing or wiring anywhere in our builds so all your storage space can be fully used.

interior med table sink props.JPG


With options like our 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter, smart Bluetooth battery monitor, 15 amp shore power charger and now up to 200 watts of solar, we have one of the most technically advanced power systems anywhere. 

rear solar high fog.JPG


Our poptop tents are the tallest in the industry at over 40” tall inside the upper bunk providing plenty of room to sit up and move around.  When the bedboard is lifted, you'll have over 7 feet of standing room. Our poptops transform a nimble compact van into a spacious camper. We increased the size of the 3 tent windows, now they can open fully or screened for maximum airflow and views.

Our tents feature first in the industry zipper attachment systems for quick removal.  Now tent repairs or replacements are a simple DIY job rather than our competitors’ more-permanent, bolted-down + glued tent system which can cost thousands to remove to repair or replace.

Dr side up open surf close sm.png


Recon Campers ™ 2 person in-vehicle safety tested custom rear bench seat folds flat into a 42" wide x 72" long lower bed, and can also be set up as a forward or rear facing lounger.

Multi-density foam with a honeycomb breather layer keeps you comfortable and cool when sleeping.

seat down.jpg


100 amp hour Lithium battery system delivers more power, lasts longer, and charges faster with an efficient DC to DC charger/ MPPT solar controller.  All charging inputs seamlessly  integrate for longer fridge use between charges, hot showers off grid, power for charging all your devices, and no worrying about power consumption. 

Loaded Fridge.jpg


All our awnings have custom black powder coated cases for durability and a sleek clean look. What’s more, the canopy material can be dropped vertically, doubling as a movie screen for portable projectors.



Standard on all ENVY and Weekender builds, our custom 9 layer radiant, thermal, acoustic magnetic window covers provide black-out privacy, thermal, and sound regulation.


ENVY Detailed Specifications

Standard Features 

European Cabinet Design

  • Premium Italian poplar lightweight ply and ultra-durable scratch resistant high-gloss laminate

  • Full gloss inside and out for durability and ease of cleaning

  • Thick PVC edgebanding with super high temperature adhesive for long lasting durability

  • Space saving aluminum tambour roll-up closet door, adjustable shelving including a shelf position to create a hidden floor for valuables

  • Premium stainless and metal hardware slides, latches, and hinges

Rear Bench Seat/ Lower Bed

  • Convertible rear bench seats 2 adults or 2 children with LATCH child seat attachments. Converts to a bed measuring 42-44” wide x 72” long

  • Smart configuration and construction means contoured foam for the seated-side, and on the sleeping side, a true mattress foam with a ¼” honeycomb breather layer to keep you cool while you sleep

  • Bed can be positioned as a chaise or lazy-boy lounge facing forward or backwards making our bed system the most versatile in the world

  • Cantilevered design means no storage space lost when in bed configuration – gear in the rear now fits under the bed.  This is a huge advantage over a "rock and roll" style bed which doesn't allow for any storage under the front of the bed

Electronics: Power + Charging

  • 100 amp hour Lithium Ion House battery with built in heater for cold weather charging

  • 50 amp DC to DC charger to optimize all house battery charging inputs

  • Integrated 500 watt MPPT solar controller ready for solar charging

  • Custom port prewired into all ENVYs for easy plug and play solar and/or portable shore power charging options

  • 7” LCD touchscreen control hub with:

    • Indoor/outdoor temperature

    • Water tank level sensors

    • Battery monitoring

    • Auto-reset fuses and switching for:

      • Dimmable lighting for the cabin, poptop and red night/mood LEDs

      • Dual USB and 12V DC outlets

      • Fridge, water heater, water pump

Water system

  • 10-gallon fresh water tank onboard

  • 5-gallon grey water tank with built in overflow valve

  • 3-gallon water heater 

  • Hot and cold water "kitchen" sink 

  • External shower connection in rear of van with hot/cold temperature controls, and detachable hose

  • Stainless steel water fill port located on the exterior of van for easy water tank fill-up

  • High-quality quiet marine pump with built in removable strainer providing extra water system protection 

  • All plumbing is quick connect for easy service or repairs

Comfort + Convenience

  • Opening + screened slider-door windows so you can enjoy fresh air while driving or at camp

  • Thermal + acoustically optimized custom trim panels wrapped with premium, stain resistant, ultra-durable fabric that can be wiped clean

  • Eco-friendly acoustic and thermal insulation fit into all wall cavities behind panels, non off gassing, made from recycled plastic

  • Thermal and acoustically insulated wheel-wells and under-flooring

  • Reflective, radiant, and thermally insulated reversible magnetic, black-out window covers keep van cool in the summer and cozy in the winter

  • Industrial strength wood laminate floor


  • Premium solid surface counter top, scratch resistant, easy to clean

  • Stainless steel fridge with freezer and ice tray (42 liter), remote slow start compressor makes this one of the most efficient DC fridges on the market

  • Stainless steel sink with hot/cold water

  • Portable 12,000BTU butane stove with carrying case (butane not included)

  • Spacious utensil drawer

  • Matching portable table with inside and outside table rail mounts


  • New fiberglass poptop balances strength and weight with custom resin-infused closed mold honeycomb composite technology

  • Super low-profile shape has been designed for more clearance and a stealth sleek look

  • Quick Change zipper attachment system for quick tent removal for DIY efficient repair/replacement

  • Maintenance free, full stainless steel hinges with solid stainless steel rivets

  • Dimming LED interior lighting with on/off switch in the pop top

  • All our poptops are painted with the highest quality automotive paint ensuring your poptop years of a beautiful gloss finish

  • Upper bedboard system with gas-spring assisted lift allows for maximum standing room when you’re not using the upper bed

  • Upper bed is 40” wide x 83” long with a 350 lbs weight limit

  • Our poptop loft area measures 40” tall above the Nissan roof line at the highest point, and with bedboard lifted, over 7 feet of standing room

  • Three large tent windows, fully-screened and fully-opening

  • Roof rack tracks integrated into pop-top compatible w/ most major crossbar + rack systems

Storage (all units are inches)

  • Two under seat drawers with easy-access over-travel slides

    • 10.5W X 21D X 7.5H

    • 15.4W X 21D X 7.5H

  • Utensil drawer in kitchen

    • 10W X 12D X 6H

  • Rear Chest

    • 24WX 11D X 9H

  • Closet tambour door

    • 22.5W X14.5D X 27.5H 

    • Fits 3 shoe boxes width per shelf. 2 shelves can be adjusted or removed

  • Rear cabinet area (accessible with rear doors swung open), These are curved so they measure approximately:

    • 14W X 8D X 13.5H - Upper

    • 14W X 9.75D X 12H - Middle

    • 13W X 9D X 20H - Lower

  • "Trunk space" when bench seat is in forward position, and rear section of seat dropped down ontop of rear box (this is your huge bag or toy storage area)

    • 44W X 28D X 30H

  • Driver side sliding door storage spaces (Please note, the upper shelf is a bit smaller with inverter option added)

    • 14W X 14D X 10H​ - Upper

    • 16W X 4D X 10H - Lower

  • Behind Driver's Seat: Some stack-able room behind the drivers seat, estimate 2-4 shoe boxes stacked, depending on driver's desired reclined/seat back position

Top Up
Low Profile Top
Bike Rack
3 Large Opening Windows
Pass side up
Premium Italian Cabinetry
Tons of Standing Room
seat up
seat down
Under Bed Storage
roof track
fill port
roof latch
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ENVY Layout - Seat
ENVY Layout - Bed

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