Pop your top, raise the roof

With over seven feet of standing room, Recon Campers' NV200 pop top provides plenty of headroom while changing, cooking, or just relaxing and enjoying your campsite.

Featuring three large zipper windows, and a 40" wide x 83" long upper bed, the ENVY can comfortably sleep 4 people



2 person seat & 2 person bed

Recon Campers' safety tested custom rear bench seat folds flat into a 42" wide x 72" long lower bed, and can also be set up as a forward or rear facing lounger.

Multi-density foam with a honeycomb breather layer keeps you comfortable and cool when sleeping.


*Seat shown with optional seat covers



Bring all the comforts of home on the road

Our custom cabinet system houses a stainless steel fridge, sink, spacious closet, pantry, outdoor shower, 10 gallons of freshwater, 5 gallon grey water tank and utensil drawer.

The ENVY is powered by a 100Ah Lithium Ion battery capable of powering lights, fridge, DC outlets, and water pump for up to 3 days before needing to charge.


With the now standard 3 gallon water heater, your weekend getaway can comfortably

extend to a week long adventure.


Operating an ENVY is as easy as using a smartphone

The ENVY is controlled by a 7" LCD touch screen control hub which displays interior & exterior temperatures, fresh water tank levels, and intelligent house battery monitoring to protect the lifespan of your battery.

The touchscreen control hub is also responsible for switching four independent dimmable light zones, fridge, water pump, DC outlet, water heater and power inverter*.

*Optional equipment 

Optional Equipment:


100 Watt Fixed "Hybrid" Solar System


Bike Rack Tray Style For Two Bikes

Premium Graphic- Ocean + Mountains

Aero Roof Rack Crossbars

Rear Door Bug Screen


Front Door Bug Screens (two)

Solar Ventilation Fan

Rear Door Bike Work Stand

Inverter (12v DC to 110v AC)

ENVY Package Includes:

Pop top roof with upper bed

Rack roof rack tracks

Two passenger seat/bed

Two under seat storage drawers

Custom furniture kit

Stainless steel fridge

Stainless steel sink

Table w/ interior & exterior mounts

7" LCD touchscreen control hub

10 gallon freshwater tank

5 gallon greywater tank

Outdoor shower

100 Ah Lithium Ion house battery

Fully insulated walls, door panels, industrial floor

Opening sliding door windows with screens

3 gallon water heater

Pre-wired for solar

ENVY Starting from *

*price does not include base vehicle

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